ICLC Day 1

ICLC Day 1 with Pastor Chris. ————————I want to welcome you all from around the world. It is our first International Cell Leaders Conference, and we also have those joining us from our churches and viewing centers via the internet from across the globe.Starting tonight, through tomorrow morning and evening; and then through saturday, we’d be learning God’s word that would equip us and launch us into another level of leadership and ministry. These meetings will change you forever, that I can assure you.. Jesus Christ came to this world and died almost two thousand years ago, and yet many still don’t know about him. Some have only heard stories about him; some people think it was just a story – about Jesus death, burial and ressurection. Oh! It was no story! The first question you ask is, who is Jesus? Who is He. He is the Son of God, but how is Jesus God’s Son? And who is God? The Bible says God is a Spirit. The One who pre-existed the
beginning, He was there before all creation! Anyone who pre-existed the begining of all creation must be God! He’s got to be! The Bible says in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He’s called the self existent One. This all creating God declared Jesus to be His son by the resurrection from the dead. He proved and verified the life and ministry of Jesus to everyone. He raised Him from the dead. His death and ressurection were no secret in His day. He walked the streets after His ressurection and people saw him.No one ever came out of death by himself, having been buried. If Jesus were dead, His name would have no power, but he said those who believe in Him shall cast out devils in His name, shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, they shall speak in new tongues, if they take any deadly drink it shall not hurt them. And all of these have been true till today. The consistency in the character of believers for generations is
another prove that Jesus must be God. I find it difficult not to believe in him. Anyone would be mischievous to think that the claims about Jesus were fabrications. Therefore we must tell the untold,we must reach the unreached. Thank God for the testimonies in our lives, but it is not enough to experience this glorious life without the motivation to share it with others, therefore we must share it with them. He has given us his life, but what have you given in return? Your life as well is what He expects from you and nothing less. That is why he says to take up your cross and follow him. That means to die on it, to die to your self – to your own concerns. He doesn’t like selfishness. That is why He says for us to cast our cares upon Him for He cares.Jesus says: I am the way the truth and the life. He is the origin of life, the essence of living is derived from Him. The bible says by him all things consist. Jesus is seated on the throne of his Father and
the Father is seated inside Him. If you stand before the throne of God, you would see Jesus seated on it and not the Father. He is the son of God, but co-equal with God. We are leaders of other people who have given their hearts to Christ, isn’t it wonderful? Whether you have a cell of five members, twenty five members or a hundred members, we all are important.Each one of us is important to God. God loves you personally. Say this with me: God loves me personally, He loves me specially. He knows my name, He knows my address, He knows everything about me. That’s because I’m important. God wants you to think and talk like that. When you think like that you would have answers for important issues. Only VIPs discuss important issues. Say: ”I’m a VIP. I’m serious minded. I think like an important person, I think important thoughts, I think important matters, kingdom matters.” My first cell meeting was when I was 11yrs old, and I held my 1st crusade at 15.I
went preaching the Gospel from house to house, from street to street. I felt and still do today, that the whole world has got to hear it. I preached to the sick in the hospitals, I preached when it was easy and when it was difficult. So I said to you, leading God’s people whether many or few is so important to God; it is not something to be taken lightly. Think about the potentials in us, how many more people we can all reach together. The saints are given the work of the ministry, and the different ministries such as that of the pastors and apostles are meant for strengthening the saints to do that work given to them. Each one of us has that ministry. I can help a cell leader become more effective with his ministry. That is because, when Jesus saves you, He makes you become his partner in saving others as well. We are His witnesses to the world. The principle is that we are disciples so as to disciple others. I can’t keep the message to myself, I have
got to share it with someone else. We’ve got be there to help build their faith – to shape their path. Growing up as a young christian, there were those God put in my way to help build my faith, to help me pray. We’ve got to do the same for others as well. Over the years I’ve been tremedously blessed by tracts, tapes, books and several other materials from different ministers. How could I have all that and then be quiet? So I got to do the same for others. You are not blessed for receiving from others or for God blessing you. No. You are blessed for what you put into the kingdom and what you put into others. But I want to be able to say before the Master; Lord, for all that I received, here’s what I did with it. And then He says well done thou good and faithful servant. We shouldn’t live our lives all for nothing, but live a life that is based on fulfilling the desires of the Lord. And so with that, again I welcome Ɣ☺u to this International Cell
Leaders conference. Would you thank him now? Amen. Open your mouth and pray……..
  1. #1 by Eddy Marongwe on June 25, 2011 - 7:58 AM

    awesome revelation and insight, will not be present at any of the meetings but thanx to you its as if i am attending personally.

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