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Christmas is one time of the year that means a whole lot of things to a  lot of people.

for some it is a season of celebrations generally speaking, like it’s another public holiday, for others it is a time of visiting: people, places, events, etc.

for some, it’s an evangelical time – used for outreaches and engage in other nice christian stuff.

for some also, it’s a time to just relax at home and take some deserved rest,

for some others it is a good time to fix for marriage ceremonies, end of year parties, church retreats, et-al.

for some too, it’s a fun time to go shopping, get new clothes, shoes and so on.

for some still, it’s just a time to watch others celebrate, cos to them it’s all just a bloody waste of money!

for some again, years ago Christmas used to mean something to them when they were much younger, but now it means practically nothing, cos there’s no money to felicitate with.

but for whatever it’s worth, Christmas time must mean something to you, or nothing at all. so do share with us what CHRISTMAS MEANS TO YOU!

i’m sure it would be fun reading your comments.

God bless you.


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